Pizza Morgana - “Hot in every dimmension! (Except the icy ones)”

3 New Trailers, Soundtrack, and Cast Announcement  


It’s been a busy month for us here at Corbomite Games, we’ve been working hard on finishing Episode 1 of Pizza Morgana which we’re gonna call “Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest”.

We’ve also done all the voice recording with our wonderful cast:


Claudia Christian As Abbie Positive

Claudia Christian As Abbie Positive


Mia Alon As Jackie

Mia Alon As Jackie


Robin Atkin Downes As The Watcher

Robin Atkin Downes As The Watcher

we’ve also put up selected tracks from the game’s soundtrack online for you to listen to, or buy at our store:

The Magical Forest - By Hilit Rosental

Now - Here are three new trailers, which all include actual in-game footage and the voice recordings.

Episode 1 - Trailer 1

Episode 1 - Trailer 2 “World Of Magic”

Episode 1 - Trailer 3 “World Of Magic 2″

Stay Tuned, More news to come very soon!

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