Pizza Morgana - "Hot in every dimmension! (Except the icy ones)"

Pizza Sale!  

So, school started. Bummer, so to cheer you up, we decided to give out 30% off Episode 1 to the first 100 people who buys it!
So kids, use coupon code “GoToSchool” and get episode 1 for a real bargain!

And if you’re not a kid, find one and get them Pizza Morgana Episode 1: Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest as a gift, because summer vacation is over and now they have to go to school every day, they might as well have something to cheer them up, and nothing like traveling into an enchanted forest to do that!

Also, note that we’ve updated our EU prices to match the currency difference from the dollar value of the game, so if you’re in Europe, you’re getting episode 1 as twice cheaper as before with the coupon!

Hurry up, this sale will only last a week!

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