Pizza Morgana - "Hot in every dimmension! (Except the icy ones)"




Your average, 12 year-old “numbskull” girl. Having grown up with a career mom, a father going through a mid-life crisis, and a brother obsessed with starting his own heavy-metal band, Jackie learned early on how to take care of herself. Inquisitive and adventurous, Jackie dreads her boring cycle of going to school and then coming back to an empty home each day.



Abbie Positive


A vampire delivery person for Pizza Morgana. Brave, dedicated, and always sarcastic, Abbie guides Jackie through the magical dimension of TerraMagia. She knows her way around, and despite having a laid back job at the pizzeria, working for Morgan hasn’t had much of an effect on her rebellious ways. Even with the High Council and its Watchers constantly alert for even the slightest infraction, Abbie has managed to stay one step ahead of them. 



The Watchers

watcher1Huge, menacing enforcers armored with robotic plates and a wild array of tubs and hoses. The only hint that something aguely human might be inside is their tendency to easily become confused when faced with a quick-witted mind like Abbie’s. The Watchers have recently become much stricter in their dealings with Morgan and his employees, following the direct orders of the High Council.



morgan1Little is known about Morgan, the mysterious proprietor, head chef and arch wizard of Pizza Morgana. He established Pizza Morgana thousands of years ago and has since worked tirelessly to bring his delicious pizza to every single dimension in existence. The Watchers despise Morgan and his band of “lawless freaks,” but an ancient contract bars them from interfering directly with the pizzeria’s activities.


The Head Watcher

ralphie2Tasked with maintaining order in TerraMagia, The Head Watcher has been trying to shut down Pizza Morgana for quite some time now.  He routinely sends his vicious henchmen after the poor and (largely) innocent crew of Pizza Morgana but so far has had little success in forcing them out of business.



trident1Nobody likes a cold pizza – not even the denizens of the icy dimensions – which makes Trident and his horde of delivery deamons extremely important. He may be a cranky, impatient, and ardently unaccommodating imp, but he does keep Morgan’s pizzas nice and warm, so all is forgiven. Trident wants nothing more than to curl up inside a pizza box and avoid any interaction with other living creatures, but unfortunately for him, he rarely gets what he wants.



hronk1An extremely friendly and good natured troll, Kronk works delivering pizzas for Pizza Morgana. Not nearly as sly as Abbie, he often finds himself trapped in the middle of the Watcher’s crusade against Morgan.  His courage and handiness in a fight, though, makes him a useful part of the delivery team, and he’s often assigned deliveries to the more dangerous realms in TerraMagia.



fiona2A shape-shifting faerie who loves trickery and deception. Fiona is a native of the magical forest who has also traveled through countless dimensions delivering pizzas while using her unique skills to help Pizza Morgana in ways no one else can..



barbie1He’s big, strong, and downright adorable. Barbie, whose name is short for “Barbarian,” may look like the stereotypically bloodthirsty and brutish barbarian, but on the inside he is actually a gentle soul with a passion for compassion. A firm believer in peace and love, Barbie would rather embrace his enemies than fight. This disregard for the natural order of things has not gone unnoticed by the Watchers who expect him to start behaving in accordance to the laws of his region.


And Many More…